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Biological Information
Portrayed by User: Arishok Frieza
Race 1/2 Tamaranean, 1/2 Metahuman
Gender Female
Height 5'11
Professional Status
Affiliation Hellraiser
Previous Affiliation Active Super-Hero-For-Hire under the Affiliation of the Justice League, Earth Defender, etc
Personal Status
Relatives A unnamed Tamaranean Mother and Meta-Human Father.
Education High School, College Attendee
Likes Food, Blorthog Day, Hanging out with her friends, training with her father
Dislikes Saiyans, Bullies
Physical Description
Age 29
Hair Color Snow White
Skin Color Orange-ish brown
Ashlynn or "Andyand'r" is a cross breed mix of Tamaranean and Metahuman DNA. She became FriezaReturns 1st RP character on October 15th, 2013 imported also on October 15th, 2013. Unlike  her primary universe counterpart , this Ashlynn was sent into Funeral Bell's Universe instead. Due there not being much of a difference except for Saiyans and some slight changes towards it's solar systems, she accepted the change, simply shrugging off it's species. Even becoming a member of the Hellraiser affiliation. 


Born into a Universe of superheroes, Ashlynn was raised by her Tamaranean mother and her Metahuman father. Her father named her "Ashlynn" but by her mother in Tamaranean language, her name is translated as: "Andyand'r." The early years of her life (going from childhood to late teens) for the most part was spent equally on the homeworld of Tamaran (learning Tamaranean physiology, honing her skills as one of the unusually fierce warriors of legends like The Warlords of Okaara) and on the Earth(mostly for her friends as well as her studies on meta-humanism).


Her skin for the most part is of a orangish brown skin to add to her snow white hair, with her eyes of red. She is a young woman of the age of 29, standing about 5'11 in her height. Her clothing is a mixture of red, white and grey.

The color of her Starbolts is of Red as, all color of Tamaranean powers is determined by eye color. So was Ashlynn's.


Very similar to Starfire, but here however she is able to "catch-on" to the stupidity of the jokes around her friends. She even enjoys the occasional party and club dance if the opportunity presented itself with her friends casually teasing her into getting a "boyfriend." Around others however, she tend to be very polite, considerate and EXTREME respectful of one's personal feelings. Especially around her elders. The destruction of Tamaran and repopulated home-world of New Tamaran, made her personality slightly changed. Sometimes if she is bothered enough, she will snap in irritation. Other times she will completely shut people out on purpose.

Combat wise she is very aggressive. However the same concept still applies to Tamaraneans whose powers are driven by their emotions and since Ashlynn's emotions consist of high levels of aggression, she can(at best) use her Starbolts to the upmost potential. If given the opportunity to be ticked off in combat she is will so no mercy or concern for who her attacker is/was.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Tamaranean Physiology - Having a Tamaranean background, she has the ability to absorb all types of ultraviolet radiation around from her which she immediately she will convert into her own energy.

Metahuman Physiology - Being human(half human for the most part) grants her a special trait called The Meta Gene which is a gene that lays dormant unless a high amount of physiological stress activates it. Though the gene can be activated this way, the gene can also be activated without any previous appearances in ancestry(i.e. The original Black Canary never had the Canary Cry however their daughter who was born after her was born with this Metagene).

Self Sustenance - Ashlynn's self sustenance allows her to survive in space, breath in space and remain unaffected by the subzero temperatures without any problems what so ever.

Hand-To-Hand Proficiency(Expert) - Through the arts of the Warlods of Okaara, Ashlynn like any other Tamaranean was trained excessively, making her CQB skills in both armed and unarmed combat very effective.

Superhuman Strength(Immense) - Since Ashlynn is a hybrid of Metahuman and Tamaranean DNA, her strength attributes are pretty astounding as she can knock planets away or knock planets right into one another causing them to explode. However pushing as well as lifting them all depends on her effort(Can just this in Chat RP).

Invulnerability(Enhanced) - Even though Ashlynn is only half human, she has a semi-omnipotent level of invulnerability(mainly due to the fact that she had been through intense training as well as being blessed by The Warlords of Okaara). It's not omnipotent, but she can withstand things like a head-on Universal Spirit Bomb, a highly charge Ki shot(mainly an attack up to 132x in power) at close range or a punch to the body over 100,000,000,000,000 tons and be perfectly okay. Also since she is half Tamaranean, radiation attacks will simply be absorbed or just go right through her as if it was nothing.

Tamaranean Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Flight - Ashlynn has the ability to fly(normally or up to 76 light years in short amounts of time) however she will leave behind of contrail of her own energy. Energy Absorption - Just like in her Tamaranean background, she is able to absorb ultraviolet radiation this time from other life-forms she encounters. She can also use this to weaken specifically enhanced super human individuals as well(i.e. draining ultraviolet radiation from Kryptonians who require it to maintain their powers).

Starbolts - The technical term for this is called "Energy Projection" thought by use of solar absorption, Ashlynn can channel up and project that same energy intro very destructive blasts called "starbolts." These starbolts are usually fire from the hands but she is also able to fire them via her eyes(similar to with Superman and his Heat Vision). If she wanted to, Ashlynn can fire her starbolts all out into one massive pseudo nova blast, but she'd really only use it in dire situations because this require her to use up all of her energy at once.

Super Starbolt Blasts - By combining the Energy Absorption and the Energy Projection, Ashlynn's destructive starbolts have an increased damage rating multiplier up to a 1,000x against her opponent, while at the same time knocking the energy outright from their own bodies.

Super Starbolt Volley - The attributes are the same of the original Super Starbolt Blasts, except the destruction she rains down from this version will actually stun and several damage her targets.

Super Starbolt Velocity Cannon - A single starbolt shot about the size of the average house which is capable of wiping out six whole cities all at once. She holds her hands above her head as it goes sailing away seconds later hitting the surface of the 'earth.'

Starbolt Destroyer Technique - This is basically an enhanced version of her Super Starbolt attacks listed in the following order:

  1. Super Starbolt Destroyer - Think of her Super Starbolts base damage 1,000x again.
  2. Super Starbolt Destruction Wave - Her Super Starbolt power put into a energy wave which can literally knockdown her targets and set a 3,000 meter radius ablaze.
  3. Super Starbolt Destroying Fists - By channeling the energy from the Starbolts she uses, Ashlynn can add those same attributes to her physical strength.

'Fake' Starbolt Destroyer - Through a reality warp manipulation, Ashlynn creates a falsified illusion of her Starbolt sailing toward her opponent simply going right through them, and which is then proceeded by 6 consecutive Starbolt blasts all at once. Majority of the time this outright kills people who are not careful to consider the illusional distraction that was attempted first while other were severely hurt from the impact of her Super Starbolts damage.

Universal Starbolt Destroyer - Like the name says, Ashlynn can create a starbolt that can obliterate the whole Universe by taking in all of the ultraviolet radiation around from the entire Universe. The time to draw up that much power takes a solid 60 minutes then an additional 50 minutes just to fire it.

Powers & Abilities obtained via The MetageneEdit

Doomsday Super Saiyan Reversal Technique - This is an attack that is specifically designed to takedown Saiyans. What this attack does is it slows down the Zenkai or the recovery rate all Saiyans have after or during battle. The target is hit with a negative starbot of hers which acts as an "off switch" for all Saiyan recovery rates. Courtesy of the Metagene trait she has. Also this effect lasts for 25 minutes.





Early StagesEdit

Middle StagesEdit

Last StagesEdit

End StageEdit



  • I know that not alot of people always appreciate Ambrient's contribution "spam" but actually 50% of the inspiration for her came from the pages that Ambrient posted mostly of Marvel characters, while the other 50% came from my love for the characters Starfire/Robin, the Teen Titans, Tamaraneans and well pretty much the all the interesting things in/out DC comics and Universe in total! :)

Yeah not alot of the techniques or abilites she has are "original"(simply just added Super and Universal and that's it), however the Doomsday Super Saiyan name was on a draft page to put on indefinite hold. I WAS planning to use for something later one, then I said to myself: Why not just make a DC character and input it somewhere within the her character parameters.. a 24 hours notice after this character has been out aaaaand this happened.

  • Original images came from a simple Google images search which were then recolored in Photoshop:

  • Tamaran, Tamaranean, New Tamaran, Energy Projection, Energy Absorption, Starbolts, Starfire, Metahuman, The Metagen and all other relevant abilities and otherwise superhuman abilities known to man are all trademarks of DC Comics which primarily came from the official DC Comics Database Wikia. I DO NOT own/or claim to own anything of these abilities or characters what-so-ever, I simply used them for the creation of my own unique-ish DC based character of variation. :)

--Blues "NO.. THE GALAXY BELONGS TO ME! DD:<" Hey ;) Sad Eyes 11:02, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

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