Daisuke Sato - Post-Timeskip

Hellraisers are official members of the Funeral Bell affiliation and hence are deemed more powerful than others. A comprised list of all Hellraisers can be found here.

Main Members Edit

  • Daisuke Satō - Master Shinigami swordsman. He is skilled with many techniques and has mastered multiple skills of the Shinigami. Daisuke is currently captain of the Eleventh Divsion, being a Kenpachi, and an official member of the Royal Guards. He is portrayed by Yuzura.
  • Miricle -
  • Midori Phénix -
  • Ashlynn -  A Tamaranean/Meta-Human crossbred who originally came from New Earth. She since her childhood, has been trained under her father as well as the Okaara Warlords for almost 30 years. Making her Energy Projection, Energy Absorption and other fight capabilites something worth mentioning. She is portrayed by Arishok Frieza.
  • Akuma - The Monster Swordsman. Capable of wiping out an entire raid group leaving behind blood and despair in the process. Akuma, the ex-leader of the Band of Hawk now leads the raid group for Hellraiser. Portrayed by ParadoxSpiral.
  • Mika Katō - Well known psychic. She often roams her hometown and warns them if typical upcoming danger. Her powers are very useful for such situations considering she is capable of seeing events before they occur. She is portrayed by 27finnsprincess.

History Edit

The Hellraiser Affiliation was initially founded by Daisuke Satō. It was initially a project to help him fight off the Neo Espada but not long after being formed, its intentions widely grew, primarily for good cause. The Hellraisers are easily considered some of the most powerful people in the world with any immense stats, including various abilities such as massive strength and god-like speed.