Killa Klaus
Biological Information
Portrayed by Ezio
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 191 lbs
Professional Status
Personal Status
Education Highschool
Likes Fat Female Butts
Dislikes Most People
Physical Description
Age 17
Hair Color Grey
Skin Color Pale
Klaus (クラウス Kurausu) is the very manifestation of darkness itself, being created from the villains around the whole Mediaverse. His name is spoken with fear, if spoken at all. He is known for committing murders in his world through several districts.


Klaus has dark grey, spiky, messy hair that sometimes sticks up. He has bright green eyes that turn red when using his dark malefic powers. His skin is pale and he wears a white ripped t-shirt that hangs below his waste, under a long black leather jacket. He has also proven to be quite conditioned when his shirt is off being a very fit man.


Klaus is quite a cold individual; often not caring about anything anyone says, no matter how special they claim they are. He sees them as any other person and treats them like any other person, which is like crap. A lot of times when he is about to kill his victim; his victim tries to tell him things to convince him to stop. No matter how sad their story is, how much details they put in, or how much they tell him, he will still simply not even reconsider keeping them alive. Nothing phases him, as it would be like basically talking to a wall. This also proves how merciless he is, not caring about how rough he murders his victims.

Klaus has also proven to be a very perverted man. One time sneaking up behind one of his fellow female classmates while they were bending over and pulling up their skirt to squeeze to grab and squeeze their butt. Even when he kills his victims; he leaves them dead in a "bending over" position. Though he doesn't change their position after he kills them; he simply always somehow manages to make them land in that position after he makes the killing blow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit